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utorrent.lng download


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Please help

I downloaded the utorrent language pack by accident thinking it was the 1.8.1 exe

It downloaded utorrent.lng, not thinking I renamed it to an .exe file to install, now I can not delete it of my desktop, safemode nor system restore has worked either.

I can not see it ruuning in task manager but I do get a DOS screen flash very briefly

Any help would be appreciated

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i sugest to use a small utility called dellater, whcih uses a dos command window, and will delete the file you specify at next start-up.

don't remember where to find it right now, but I used it in the past to get rid of stubborn Norton files in the olden days.

worked a treat for me.

will try to locate it, and will come back with link if possible.


just been looking: actually easy to find by normal search on www

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for dellater, if i remember correctly, you need to open a command line.

basically stick dellater.exe sur ta root C: (easier to launch)

locate the exact path for the file you need to get rid of.

open a command line from the start menu.


"path"dellater.exe "path of you baddie file"

hope this helps

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