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automatic loading problems/weirdness help


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Okay I have a script wget-ing torrent files from irc

I have both the watch/autoload in utorrent and the script's save location set to Z:\home\mishkin\downloads\TorrentFiles\

I manually loaded one of these torrents (which is around 15KB) and it loads and downloads fine so the torrents arn't truncated or anything like that.

Then I downloaded a torrent file using iceweasle (firefox) to the desktop and cut and pasted it into my TorrentFiles dir, utorrent successfully loaded and started the torrent file.

But when said script saves a torrent file to my TorrentFiles dir it doesn't / won't load in utorrent, it seems like it's not detecting the download

Any ideas?? quite fustrating

edit: utorrent ver = 1.8.1, wget ver = 1.10.2, wine ver= 0.9.25 Distro = Debian stable

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it was working fine for a bit... now it's not\

my problem was I was running irssi as root and not mishkin

utorrent is renameing the file to include .loaded on the end and fking up the script

... might be able to fix it

and yeah i know your sopost to be using rtorrent but there shouldn't be any reason utorrent can't do it

oh and comon man it's sct... rss is wayyyy too slow to jump on torrents

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Oh please, a 5 minute delay at most isn't that bad (rss.update_interval). :P

And it's being renamed to .loaded because it's loading it and failing to load. It's loading the .torrent when incomplete. You have to adjust the script to download the file to a non-torrent extension and rename when done.

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