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Prort checking OPEN, second after CLOSE


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using latest 1.8.1 build.

current setup:

two pcs contected to a switch.

the switch conected to aztech 600e.

the aztech to intentet

DHCP is on, and the two pc's obtain the ip dynammically.


i have a constant "yellow triangle !" . (remain yellow even after hours).

click on it, and open the port checker. the result varies, sometimes it's open,

sometimes it's closed, and it could be two testes with seconds between them.

(for example, i run the tests with 3 seconds between each: OPEN,CLOSED,OPEN,OPEN,CLOSED.....)

*i unchecked the randomize port option.

gave a manual port, and added the forward rule in my aztech 600e.

*added the exeption in windows firewall

*even tried to add the port rule to the Security -> IP filter screen in the router (dont sure what it means )

*any other port checker website/program gets the same result of alternaton Close,open,open,close...

*would use UPNP, but for some reason when i check the USE UPNP in the router and

hit Save Setteings the check disappers. as if UPNP is not supported or something.

so, for now UPNP is uncecked in utorrent.

i am really freaking out here, what could it be?

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