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Stops downloading at 41.4%


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Hello everyone. First I want to say, that I am a german boy, that speeks only a little english. Sorry for my bad english. Also I would like you to know, that I won't understand complicate words. Thanks.

Back to my problem. I was downloading, but it stoped at 41.1%. I don't know how to fix this problem, so I need some help from you.

In that bar on that stands:

"Downloaded" Here is a lot of white above the red and some blue above the blue blue of the bar "Availability".

"Availability" Here is a lot of RED and some blue.

I hope that this is exactly enough, to understand.

And there is another problem. At the bottom of the window of µTorrent, there is a yellow triangel. It says: No incomming connections, unless the icon turns green, it could inticate a problem with you network configuration.

5 minutes ago, there was for 4 seconds a GREEN triangle, wich said, that my network worked like it should.

Now it is yellow again, but I didn't change any settings.

In the left bar the download is marked as "Inactive", but it is not paused.

New installing of µTorrent and new downloading of the Torrent-file didn't help, too.

Help would be great!

Thanks alot,

León Kuhn.

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First, I want to thank you for your great help-website.

But unfortunally it didn't work...

Are there any other ways to help me?

I edited this here now, because I found the main problem, but I didn't want to doublepost. In the bar at the bottom of the window, there I can see the following:

Time elapsed: 3h 34m remaining: a lieing 8, a 8 that got turnt by 90°.

Downloaded: 0B uploaded: 70,9 MB

Download-Speed 0.0Kb/s upload-speed: 7,2 - 8,0 kb/s

Down limit: 1,4 MB/s up limit: 186,0 kb/s

Status: Downloading

I don't understand, how can something get downloaded, but in 3,5 hours not even 1B!?

Thank you,

León Kuhn

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"Availability" Here is a lot of RED and some blue.

Red means nobody has the piece (within the swarm).

If your availability is <1.000 ,you cant finish the torrent. Is your availability 0.411?

How many peers and seeds are connected?

It seems like this torrent is dead.You can only hope for a returning seed or a peer that has the remaining pieces...

btw, the "lieing 8" bedeutet unendlich.

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Down limit: 1,4 MB/s up limit: 186,0 kb/s

Almost certainly the WRONG settings to use with your connection!

2nd link in my signature gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

NOTE: Max sustainable UPLOAD speed is far less than max download speed for most connections.

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