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rss downloader: wait for repack/proper X hours

Raziel Anarki

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what the title says... basically it would wait x hours after seeing the first match, then it would download the most recent one. (it would be an option in the show's filter panel)

i usually have my tv torrents running overnight and while i'm at work, and when i come home i see propers and repacks and i have to redownload them manually... also this option could help those who are on a monthly limited conn and have to think twice before they download anything.

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Hi, I know about the smart episode filter, and it works for me. However, I think that the idea of waiting for a user-specified time is a good idea, and a bandwidth efficient alternative for those who don't want the episode right away and would rather only download the "good" version.

An example scenario would be something like 48h wait, in this time the first version of the episode comes out, utorrent sees it and does nothing, then a day later the repack appears and utorrent cancels the download of the first one.

48h after the last "fix" comes out then the download would start, therefore downloading only 1 version, the best one hopefully.

The time lapse would be configurable per feed, so it is up to each one to decide how much they are willing to wait.

Seems like not an incredibly hard thing to implement and it could save a lot of bandwidth if used by many people, maybe even increase the efficiency of the whole torrent thing ;)

Anyways... just a very long way of "voting" for this to get implemented... thanks for a great app!

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