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utorrent suddenly extremely slow :(


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hi every1 :)

until this very day, utorrent worked like a charm on my pc. i have a 5 mb connection, and i used to download torrents at great speeds (hundreds of kb/ps).

today, unfortunately, my utorrent suddenly started working at terrible speeds. from 600 kbps it dropped to a dl rate of hardly 40-50

i tried downloading many torrents with hundreds of seeders and only a dozen of peers, and the speed is still very slow...

here are some of my settings:

global max number of connections-400

max number of connected peers-350

number of upload slots-10

DHT enabled

number of active torrents-15

active downloads-10

till this very day, the settings were the same and bittorrent worked like a charm

btw, my antivirus is nod32 and i have the fix that fixes the slowing down of the internet...

thx in advance, have a nice day guys :)

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i defined the nod32 to work properly with utorrent long ago...

my upload is only 256 kbps, dont ask why (damn isp)

i tried your second link, didn't work

tried tweak the dht settings, didn't work either... :(

i remember a site with very fast torrents that it's some sort of speed test to your client, does anyone know what im talking about?

10x in advance

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