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WGT624 Port Forward / Trigger Problems


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I bought myself a new DSL router (WGT624 v4) to replace my faulty WRT54G, but since I've installed the new router

uTorrent hasn't worked correctly. I do understand that some files can take time to download due to the swarm and sometimes the files are downloading quite quickly, but I've been getting the yellow triangle on the utorrent status. Thing is

when I start to use the internet the Yellow triangle goes green, but when I stop using the net the port that I've got set in the portforward settings closes and the triangle comes back.

This is all with uTorrent running.

Now I've checked the forum and other sites with my settings and everything seems fine but I'm still getting these problems and some files keep downloading very slowly (20kbps) when they should be around 120 - 200kbps.

Any help would be grateful.

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The maximum I can upload is 20 - 25kbps, the maximum I can download is around 150 - 200kbps, but if I upload at the maximum I can't download properly. Its only when I limit the upload to 10kbps that my downloads get quick. But at the moment the downloads are going quite slowly, and the status on utorrent states Yellow triangle (no incoming connections).

2MBps broadband btw

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If you're already downloading 2 times faster than you're uploading...there's still got to be someone else downloading far less than they're uploading.

Did you try www.portforward.com ROUTERS section for your new router?

Also, with such a slow connection...did you try the 2nd link in my signature and choose no higher than the 256 kilobits/second upload settings?

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