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Embedded tracker problems


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Greetings. First, the background. I've been using utorrent for quite a while on a private tracker. I host a few files for local friends and believe I have out grown FTP based on the number of people snatching from me. Firewall NAT is set up correct and I am connectable according to the port forward test built in to utorrent.

So, I set bt.enable_tracker to true and create a torrent using http://killerclown.bounceme.net:44636/announce as my tracker. killerclown.bouncme.net is something I set up from no-ip and has worked just fine for FTP. Just to make sure that wasn't the problem, I also added another tracker using my real (and current) external IP addy. Anyway, I send the torrent to a friend and he says it's not showing him connect to any peers or seeds. On my utorrent, it shows a red upload arrow and says the tracker status is "connection closed by peer." I'm hoping there is something simple I'm over looking. Thanks for the help in advance.

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