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Torrent Politeness??


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I know that I should not HIT and RUN - but seriously how long should I leave a fully downloaded torrent in a state where it can be used as a seed?

I have read that you should leave a fully downloaded torrent for seed till the upload amount = download amount. I try and do this but a lot of the torrent I download are audiobooks which have varying popularity. So days can go buy when there are no uploads on one of my full torrents.

What do the rest of you do about leaving your torrents available for upload?

Do I need to set the torrent in some way as availble for seed or once I download it does this happen automatically?

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That depends on your point of view and generosity. ;)

In theory it's good to keep a ratio of 1:1 but if you dwl an old torrent with only seeders and no leechers, it's hard to reach this aim. Same thing if you dwl lots of heavy torrents per day.

Anyway you can keep seeding torrents that you think they are rare or deserve to stay alive.

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