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problem loading webui


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hi all, im a longtime utorrenter & have been using the webui happily for many a while.

unfortunately when upgrading to firefox3 (currently 3.03) from 2 wayback i lost the webui, read here on the forums that it was a common problem and sat on my hands awaiting a fix ... some months later ive now just gotten round to some housework & done a clean install of XPsp2 on both my desktop (home of my utorrent client) & eeepc (webui).

ive UT 1.81 up & running perfectly on the desktop & setup the no-ip stuff so the netbook could find the webui, trouble is despite having my UT port open & firewall exceptions in place for both utorrent & no-ip DUC im only able to get the webui showing/working thru http://localhost:8080/gui/

when i type my ip in standard numerical/dot form i get a time-out & failure to connect, same as when i try my XXXXX.no-ip.org dynamic ip workaround.

im baffled as i know the webui works but cannot figure why anything but localhost won't connect.

help please misters & missus good peeps ;)

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