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LOW SPEED! Ur help is needed :)


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So, I'm a n0ob at uTorrent, I mean i use it for year or something, but still got no idea about it functions.

Basically my:

DL is about 200 kb/s

UL 20-30 kb/s

Most of the files are really downloaded with this speed,but sometimes DL is just too slow! Like now :



Setting supposed to be right, UL limit is set to 10 kb/s and no DL limit.Ports are open, P/S number is ok.But still u may see that speed is 2 low.

Please help!!!

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Encryption is necessary to fight your possible/probable ISP BitTorrent disruption. Even if your ISP doesn't, so many other ISPs do that it's not a bad idea to enable/force encryption outgoing.

It is unusual to download many times faster than your upload speed on "average" torrents.

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