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Moving Directory Structures for Completed Torrents


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This is probably best explained by example. Lets say that in Preferences/Directories that "Put new downloads in:" is selected to the path "new" and that "Move completed downloads to:" is selected to the path "completed". When manually adding a torrent, I often need to specified a path to the torrent files and directories:

Save as: new/path/torrent_files

Unfortunately, after the torrent completes, only the "torrent_files" are moved:

New download directory: new/path

Completed download directory: completed/torrent_files

I'd much prefer the following result for completed torrents:

New download directory: new

Completed download directory: completed/path/torrent_files

Only the parts of "path" that don't contain files after the move would be deleted from the new download directory and uploading would continue from the new location.

Of course things can be fixed up manually after the torrent download completes, but it would nice if this was done automatically.

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How are labels useful once a torrent has completed downloading and uploading and is deleted? The paths I specify are used by me outside of the torrent client and I don't use the client to mange files in any way once the downloading and uploading activity is complete. However, it would be nice if the path specified when manually adding a torrent is the path realized in the completed torrent directory (excluding the default roots). I understand how uTorrent currently works - this is a new feature request.

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