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Can't get top speeds out of WHS Box


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Ok, so i've read all the speed troubleshooting posts & threads i could find, and i'm at a loss...

I had the exact same setup (except a different cable modem) and recently moved.

On my Vista laptop, connected wirelessly to the router, i'm getting upload speeds close to 90k, which is pretty close to my DSLReports speed test max, so...good.

NOW...the problem....

On my Windows Home Server box (which worked fine in my last apartment), i'm getting upload speeds not even close to 20k, and usually more in the 10k range.

Using a Linksys WRT54g with Tomato Router

I tried forwarding the port, tried modifying the ports in utorrent, even tried mirroring the identical settings from the Vista Laptop utorrent, but still no luck.

Just looking for ANY ideas here...

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well, it's still Comcast San Jose, the same as it was in my last apartment. I don't think they have anything to do with it, since again, my Vista laptop with utorrent works perfect. It's just something i'm sure i'm missing on my Windows HOme Server box.

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