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Torrent Zero Cycles Mode (Zero IO)!!!!


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while i am playing games, i normally don't use the internet

so many times i tried to use uTorrent in the background as it is not a CPU hog

however, it goes to the disk quite a lot which makes the game stutter

i think it would be cool if i had an option to say to utorrent

"game mode" which would make it not use the disk anymore (say grab 64k and no more)

and then it could seed happily to maybe just one client (so it also does not use a lot of cpu)

anyways, i think this would be cool as normally nobody is using torrent while playing a game

and this cannot harm much...

anyways, feel free to ignore me :)

BTW, if you want to be super cool, you can detect when the hard disk is idle and then fetch even more

data or maybe if that client has gotten that part, you can find another client and pass it to him

well.... hope this is helping!

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