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There is one thing that really annoys me...


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And that would be when you choose the directory to download the files to it adds on the file or folder name to the end. It just makes all the options blur into one and repetition like that is bad UI design. Other than that I really like uTorrent.

Any chance there could be an option to change that?

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Erm, no I don't think you understood me. I meant when you choose the directory for where you want to download the file(s) to. In the drop down down box it not only lists the recently used directories, but the file/folder of the torrent's contents as well for each option. So say I have a torrent containing blah.txt it would list:




rather than




Which is repetition and not a silly request.

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Indeed. I did not quite see it the way you presented it. But I think it DOES make sense as is. Given sometimes people get confused, or say you're a new person... you think, OK I have saved it here. Where would I expect my file to be??

With the listing of the file in the path you see, there's no ambivalence about where the file would go. I apologize if I offended when saying it was silly. I think it's a good idea to keep things tidy. My opinion on the listing of the actual path in the dialog though is a good thing, so there can be no miscommunication.

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Well I dissagree.

The combo box's sole purpose is choosing where to download the torrents contents to. Adding the file/folder on the end serves very little purpose in this regard, you would have to be pretty stupid to be confused when choosing where to download a torrent's contents to.

For me it just makes the list all blur into one and I have to concentrate hard to read what I actually want to read. I don't wish to read the file/folder name ten times. You could just as easily add a label above the combo box with the full path.

If you were to look at the UI design of other programs with a similar purpose I think you will find very few have the whole path.

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