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Router Problem


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Hi All,

Okay, a friend of mine has been having trouble getting his Utorrent to get above 50KB/s download, but when he downloads from fast HTTP downloads he gets 400~500 Kb/s easy...

The problem might lie inside his 2 routers.... these are:

Linksys wrt54g

Sitecom wl-153

We have tried to port forward through them both.... nothing... UPNP doesnt seem to work...

The Linksys is his first "jump" then the Sitecom then the outside world... both we have port forwarded the right port and with machting IPadresses (i saw in the DHCP list of them which IP adress he had..)

Sow i am left to wonder where excatly the problem lies.... the 2 routers or just bad configuration...

All help is welcome... thanks in advance.... Any additional info will be given when asked for...


P.S not a native English writer

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Are you sure both devices are routers? What version Linksys WRT54G? The version will be on a sticker under it. Also, when you port forward through multiple routers you don't use your computers address on all of them. The Sitecom should forward to your Linksys, then your Linksys should forward to your computer. In the Linksys go to Status, get the IP address it has listed near the top, and enter that in the Sitecom. If you already have the Linksys forwarding to the computer, then this should fix it.

If you're using DHCP to give the computers addresses, the addresses might change and break the port forwards, using UPnP instead of manual forwards on the Linksys would probably fix this if you don't use anything else on the Sitecom.

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