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Feature request - variable max upload rate


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AIUI the reccommended 'max upload rate' is based on being able to allow the download to max out.

But for the common case of downloading at much less than the max amount it makes sense to increase the amount you upload. This is especially true on a torrent-throttled connection where you almost never max out your download rate.

So my suggestion is to replace the single parameter of 'max upload rate' with something more fine grained. Some mechanism that allows a higher upload rate during periods when the download rate is low, but uses a different value when the download rate exceeds a certain value.

For example, off the top of my head one system could be to allow the setting of 5 parameters:

max upload U1 rate if download < D1

max upload U2 rate if download > D1 and < D2

max upload U3 rate if download > D2

For example, my connection measures at 6mbps down and 390kbps up. the ISP throttles torrent traffic... sometimes i can get 250kB/s, but usually it's 20-60. The reccommended max upload setting is ~35kB/s but it will happily upload at 41kB/s when downloading at anything less than 100kB/s.

Sure it's not much of an increase in uploading, but someone will benefit. If utorrent had such a feature, global upload rates could be increased by a few percent... and hence shorter download times.


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Previously requested. You're making it too complicated. Search for the scheduling overhaul taking place in a future version.

You can't magically make the download rate increase. If you want "great" speeds from capable peers, set it so your upload limit / slots >= 5 There aren't any cases I've seen where 5 didn't give you a SIGNIFICANT advantage over other peers. The average for the Speed Guide is 3 KiBps/slot .. which sometimes doesn't cut it, especially when people change the settings themselves without understanding WHY the defaults are setup this way.

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The recommended settings aren't for maxing the downloads out. They're for keeping the upload rate within reasonable ranges so that the connection doesn't get killed by being oversaturated. You can always use the automatic upload rate limiting already implemented since 1.7.x.

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