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speed issue


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i recently joined the p2p community and i think its a great idea...

except for the fact that i would be able to download much faster directly.

Heres the info

my status bar in uTorrent does not have a consistent position and changes throughout the day

the speed guide sez this : Checking port 45532 on = nope

i took the test at dsl reports: 1.3mb/s dl 248 kb/s ul

here what speed guide says:

upload limit:0

connections per torrent:10000

upload slots:30

global connections:100

max active torrents:9

max active downloads:8

max torrents:9

net.max_halfopen is on 8

using vista

no firewall i know of (just the windows)



ISP (Bellsouth)

Connection type DSL (wireless)


my average download for utorrent is about 20-30kb and my upload can sometimes read 35kb

thanx for any and all help

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The slackware torrents are hosted on connections which can easily saturate your download. If you're asking about upload, t's the same reason.

You may want to change the settings some to get you more/less connection slots if you can't upload alot consistently due to your topology. At .25 Mbit that's roughly 10 active upload slots at any given time. For minimal settings that means you don't even need 50 connections total.

But generally it relies on others in the swarm. Are you consistently uploading 20+ (or your limit) /// check the Speed tab, change to upload only, change to 5 min. interval to see the last 10 hours of data.

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It's kind of interseting actually...

It'll upload at 20 for about 5min, take a short dip, and surge up again.

My download speed seems to fluctuate a lot.

Should I add/take away connections?

Its a bit different than what you said.

I have 3 upload slots, 130 global connections, and 70 connections per torrent.

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Two torrents total * 3 slots = 6 total, you can raise that to 5 per torrent @ 2 total torrents, or more if you want to check if it's a limit per connection... if you want.

However the cycling nature of the bandwidth suggests shaping, so I'd reduce TOTAL connections. However you may get better results by following the sticky.. turn off DHT UPnP/NAT-PMP and LPD. Then again you may not.

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I raised the total connections like you said, disabled DHT, UPnP, NAT-PMP.

I have no idea what LPD is...

but, now my upload is consistent at the maximum, and my download stays around 120-140.

It's still not as fast as 1.3 mb/s but it's getting there...

Any other possible ideas?

Is it even possible to reach downloads that high? (One of my peers had 1.5 mb/s at one point)

Thanx for all of the help so far!


I zoomed out the speed log and I found that the download rate cycles as well even after the modifications.

It will temporarily jump up to about 140, and then drop to the 80s, plummet to the low 20s and then surge up again.

....I'm Confused

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I meant 1.3Mbyte.


And I already had my encryption on.

I use vista and apparently this can cause a lot of problems for P2P software and Networking.

I just... I feel like I've tried everything (I know I haven't) and nothing seems to work.

I use bellsouth and I just found out that they throttle P2P connections.

Should i try and get a VPN?

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