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All seems ok except for speed test?


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I have just purchased a Netgear DG834N and have

1. Set up a static IP for my computer (, with the DNS servers from the routers status page

2. Turned off UPNP on both router and uTorrent, and NAT-PMT port mapping in Utorrent

3. Set up a service for the router , port 6812, UDP/TCP

4. Set up a new ingoing and outgoing rule for that static IP and that service

5. Turned off vistas firewall

Yet when i do the speed test, i get

Error! Port 6812 does not appear to be open, and my downloads are quite slow, never reaching a third of what i use to get on my old Belkin router

although, i do get the green tick on the bottom of the Utorrent window, amy ideas?

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