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downspeed upload to increase download ?


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I tried on XP sp3 and vista 64-bit ultimate,it is the same.

I am in thailand and got 4Mb/s and up 512k/s.

Usually I tested and reach 420 kb/s and up 52/s.

The problem is I got to set 20 k/s upload on utorrent to reach full speed for download otherwise it got only 60 kb/s download.I have already posted on speed problem but nobody seems to got the same problem as I do.I am starting to really worrying because of the quotta/rate for the private tracker.I don't want to lose my registration so please help me god....

What do I have to do to solve this matter ????

If I set the upload rate to 21 or 19,it still slow down download on utorrent and internet (IE and firefox) ???????

When I am not using utorrent everything alright.

Anybody can help me ?

Sorry for my english ...

My email: killmiki@caramail.com


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Thanx Switec.I have followed all the rulez...what is I like to know is WHY my upload is reactring that way ? ISP ?

Anybody answers ?

Movies/files goes out everyday.No time possible to switch upload only.

You know that don't you.It's like a drug.

But before I use to run 47 to 51 kb/s on upload but I had at the time a 1024k download connection.Perhaps it is here after all.It looks like it is not me but the city.Anyway it is possible for them to slow down utorrent upload like this ? As a quota or so....

Strange and to not get real answer make me angry...anyway...I'll wait for a better monthly internet choice and will see....

Thanx to all anywayz

10 REM:<commodore64 rulez>

20 ? "what is your name ?";a$

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