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How Do I Move My Utorrent installation and all unfinished downloads?


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I have built a new computer and installed utorrent. I want to transfer the unfinished downloads from the old computer to this new one. I have gone so far as to copy the files/folder that have downloaded so far, but how to I configure utorrent to continue with this download - what file needs to go where?


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Copy all the folder %AppData%\uTorrent from your old computer to your new computer (equivalent to erase the new AppData folder).


Don't forget to keep at least one copy of the old %AppData%\uTorrent when you do an error.

Move your data in the same folders.

Anyway if the path of your data (eg HD letter) has changed, you need to edit resume.dat and settings.dat files. Use BEncode Editor.


General migration guide:


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