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Love Utorrent, just one tiny problem, it really is tiny the problem :)


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currently running P4 3.01 Ghz, 1 gig DDR2 ram, ATI X300SE, 200gig SATA w.d. drive, etc. my connection is via cable modem through a linksys router, not sure which model.

Utorrent works well as far as getting "hits" and although downloading could be faster, my problem is, when I leave my system on overnight, it seems as though once any type of action on my system has stopped, it stops.

When I go to bed a file could be at 25%, when I wake up, MAYBE on a good day, it's at 29%, usually still at 25%.

But when I am working on the system doing anything, and it's on, it's good and works.

So why does it seem to stop, when I stop working on my computer???

(whereas programs like Bearshare and Emule do not)

Thank you,


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