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trackers going offline


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hello i have uTorrent 1.8.1.. i used to have 1.7.7 but i had a problem that the trackers went offline after few hours with the error "hostname not found" and i also can't surf.

it all started when i upgraded my connection and changed my ISP (one that for sure doesn't hostile for torrents) and from 1500/150 (download/upload) i have now 5000/500. means that i should download about 620KBS and upload about 60KBS...

it wasn't like that in the begining so i figured out that i need to rise my half open connection to more than 8. so i used the patch for windows and out it on 100 and in utorrent i set it up for 20.

i don't know if that's the problem... i also using 250 connections overall and 90 max per torrent.

can some one help me to configure it at the optimal settings so i can seed and leech at max speed that i soppused to and to be able to do that 24/7 for days and not like now that i have this problem about 16-20 hours after starting.. tnx

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I've heard most Israeli ISPs are hostile to BitTorrent traffic.

2nd link in my signature has alternate settings for uTorrent based on your upload bandwidth. In your case, probably 512 kilobit/second upload settings is the closest.

Disable in uTorrent: DHT, LPD, Resolve IPs

If you manually port forward, disable UPnP and NAT-PMP

Set outgoing encryption to Enable or FORCED (probably forced considering ComCast)

incoming...you'll have to test legacy allowed or not

legacy = not encrypted

There's also this:


...but doing that in uTorrent really cripples results if it's not necessary.

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i did what you said hopfully that it will work but with this number of active torrent i seed about 30-35KB/s not 60 and not even reach the limit...

so it's not using the whole bandwith... before i changed that it was seeding steady 47KB/s with limit and 55-60 without limit... now it's jumping and bearly meet the limit

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