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Unusual Speed Problem .


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Hello Everyone .

There is something i can't understand. My connection is 4Mbps down and 512 Kbps up . I am using Vista Ultimate with Kaspersky Antivirus and sunbelt Firewall . Everything is configured which means portforwarding on both the router and software firewall .

I always get the green icon on utorrent.

I have Disabled DHT so now i can browse while utorrent is running with no issues .

So i try Slackware Linux distribution but the tracker goes offline; so i try OpenOffice torrents but the speed does not max out even after 15 minutes of trying .

Now the strange thing is that when i try downloading content from Vuze ( azurues portal ) i max out my download speed almost immediately . I don't know why ...

I even tried heavily seeded torrents on Mininova with seeders to leechers ratio of almost 3, but it's doesn't go fast even after giving it time .

I mean howcome i get fast results only with vuze's content while the others don't work well ?

Any Ideas about that or anything that i have missed maybe ?

Thanks in advance ...

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Alright,, i can uninstall sunbelt,, but what firewall do u recommend to use with Kaspersky Antivirus which would be utorrent

friendly; since COMODO firewall is not compatible with Kaspersky Antivirus .

Ok i have uninstalled Sunbelt firewall with vista's firewall on, but i can't get good speeds with OpenOffice torrents.

I am now using windows firewall with Kaspersky antivirus .

Anybody knows why i can't download fast with the test torrents ?

Thanks .

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