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BT homehub 2.0


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Hi all,

I am a new user to bit torrent and i have a few questions on speed

1. I have recently switched from 10M Virgin Broadband to 5M BT Homehub 2.0. I used to get up to 200kB/s on download (with Virgin) but now i am down to 50kB/s. Is this a good speed for my BT line?

2. If this is not a good speed, is there any way to change it (apart from changing ISP!)? I have set up port forwarding with hub manager (my green tick at the bottom always on) and the port forwarding test from "option", "speed guide" indicates that is is OK.

Any suggestion/ help is very much appreciated!

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i wouldn't change isp, i am on Bt and have bt homehub 2.0 and atm on utorrent im on 450kB/s around that region

just make sure its being seeded well

sorry i cant give any other useful info, but the people thats also downloading what im downloading atm im on the highet speed, most of them arre around 20 kB/s, but one guy is on about 150 which isnt too bad, but i dont have a clue why mines downloading so fast... i live in the midlands in the uk, its actually supposed to be poor download speeds where i live

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