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Read all Troubleshooting but still low speed :(


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I got Version 1.81

My Speed is 10k/700

only one torrent (new one every week) downloads with full speed (fe 3000 seeds/25000 peers)

but on other torrents with 200/3000 i got only 20-30 kbs , now fe im connected to 2 peers and 53 peers but my speed is 15kbs

the other torrent 5s/50p and 7kbs

upload speed is 35kbs

windows firewall on (utorrent exeption)

router is portforwarded (green symbol)

i tried protocol encryption enabled/disabeld/forced

200 connections total

80 per torrent

i dont know what to do ..

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How fast do you upload (speedtest values for up and down are useful)? What are your Ctrl-G settings? 50 peers TOTAL is plenty to get speeds. To verify theoretical downloading max, try http://slackware.com/torrents/ You don't need to run for > 5 minutes, and can delete the file when done testing (click slackware entry, right click the remove toolbar icon, select remove and delete torrent and data)

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...you KNOW you can upload 86 in uT? That's better than I understood from your description. Speed Guide / ISP numbers are in Kbit, windows uTorrent and most programs are KiByte. ;) 8x makes alot of difference as far as numbers.

In your case with such a low upload... you really only need 50 connections. Extra is really unnecessary. You can support 12 upload slots MAX among all active torrents so, you can make it more or less depending on how fast you want to send data to individual peers. It's really not much benefit in long-term swarms for you to connect to > 5x the number of upload slots you assign... it leads to individual speed degradation in non-seed scenarios. When you don't upload, other peers are much less likely to upload to you.

As to why the download changes... your download is others' upload, and is not guaranteed. You can best change that by making sure your upload is consistent and not interrupting your connectivity.

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