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Can't connect to peers


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Hi, I've a little problem with connecting. Let me explain the problem briefly:

Generally, in a normal situation I've no problem connecting to peers. My network is good and I've no trouble with internet connection.

But than yesterday, it occured that I had to to 'copy' the information of the torrent from one pc to another, so that I could continue downloading the torrent there

Normally, I think utorrent connects first, than start checking the new information and than starts downlading.

In this case, utorrent coudn't connect to any peers. There were 10 potential peers, and on the first pc I could connect to at least 6 and now I couldn't connect to neither of them. (I did shutdown utorrent on the first pc)

I was wondering why this is. Are the peers somehow attached to a certain pc and can't you just connect from another pc or is it something else? Any suggestions? Thanks.


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The multiple computers on your LAN are all appearing through your router to be the same computer to everyone else in the Internet.

If you setup rules and ports in your router, it should work the same... also would work the same as if you reset the IP on the second computer to accommodate the first computer's rule.

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