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Ability to enable IPFilter


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Just to let everyone know, the ipfilter.dat in your ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent does in fact work. I tried blocking all IPs and nothing was able to get through so I am pretty confident that uTorrent is reading this file on launch. Having this in the GUI would be nice though.

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+1 to support this. I know uTorrent for Mac implements ipfilter.dat feature though it's not explicitly announced. But, some advanced features like automatic update (as in Transmission) and gui (as in eMule) are still needed in both Windows and Mac versions of uTorrent.

Eligos// You can check whether uTorrent has loaded ipfilter.dat or not by using "Windows - Message Log" or pressing Command-2 shortcut. If it has loaded ipfilter.dat successfully, the log will say "Loaded ipfilter.dat (xxxx entries)".

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