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issues with time capsule?


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here's my specs:

MacBook Pro 2.53GHz accessing internet (10MBdown/2MBup) via TimeCapsule

OSX 10.5.5

i made sure to port forward uTorrent using the Airport Utility. i'm familiar with the wonderment of bittorrent clients and am quite excited that uTorrent has finally made it's way over the mac platform - it's about time!

here's what i've noticed so far:

1) my down/up speeds were yo-yo-ing all over the place (one minute 2KB/s and 80KB/s the next and back again) - i tinkered with the bandwith/peer options but no dice - i used torrents with high seed:peer ratios but with 4 torrents running it maxed out at 150KB/s and was generally in the 20-30KB/s range - way slower than capacity (i can usually get b/w 150-450KB/s per torrent) - green dot in lower right so i'm assuming that's not where the issue lies

2) loading webpages in Mozilla Firefox slowed to a most painful level and in some cases did not load - fine when uTorrent is closed and/or another client such as Vuze :( is running

3) my TimeMachine backups started to freeze - i turned off the TimeMachine and reset the router but that didn't seem to make a difference to any of the issues.

hope that's helpful, and please let me know if there's anything i should be trying on this end that could resolve the situation.

cheers and thanks!


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1) multiple torrents - yes, all of them and it appeared to be in unison (-ish)

so i just tried a single 'stable' torrent (OpenOffice) which gave me 150 - 420kB/s Down @ 30 connections (speeds are estimates: without stats n graphs i can't be perfectly sure - *cough cough*:) )

-page loading in Firefox was good (woo hoo!)

-TimeMachine however took forever to initiate backup (>5mins) - but at least it's kicked in this time instead of the perpetual spinning clock of doom (note: i don't backup download folders so it generally only deals with work dox pix etc <10MB). i'll keep on eye on the next backup cycle.

i re-tried one of the 'typical swarm' torrents (962S:889P, 30 connections @20S:10P) but could only manage a yo-yo-ing speed range of 5 - 40kB/s D and 0 - 15kB/s U. it generally stayed in the lower-mid D range.

added a couple more of the torrents to see what happened - similar issue of all the torrents speeding up and slowing down at roughly the same time (4 torrents: 25 - 170kB/s D ; avg about 45-50kB/s) - still well below typical speeds i get. Firefox loading pages a teeny bit slower but not really noticeable.

i figure i should be getting comparable speed rates to Vuze / Transmission, though with those i tend to have twice as many connections per torrent (50-60) with no issues.

**UPDATE** - still epic TimeMachine backup preparation and finishing time (>5 mins for each, still way longer than typical) but it is at least backing up.

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