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Seeding issues


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There are a number of issues with seeding so far.

1) Why are completed torrents getting the "Queued seed" status when I have set the "Active transfers limit" and "Active downloads limit" to 10000.

2) None of the completed torrents are registered as being seeded on any trackers I'm on. I have no problem seeding when I'm downloading something, but once they are completed they just stay in the inactive section forever. I have changed the "stop seeding at" to seed forever, so this should not be an issue. I have 100+ completed torrents, and every single one is inactive. That can't be right.

Just to clarify, the status of most of the torrents have the "seeding" status, but nothing is ever uploaded.

3) Half the torrents are red. Don't know what that means, but it can't be good.

I don't have a hardware firewall/router, and uTorrent is allowed incoming connections in Leopard's own firewall settings.

Now for something positive: I maxed out my connection at 11 mbps/s, something Vuze or Transmission could never do.

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Queue management ... were you using the pre-beta version? What are your Preferences >BitTorrent settings

Using uT knowledge, presuming it to work on uT/Mac .. red icons mean tracker problem, unfortunately it can't be verified easily without waiting for an automatic update... All my red icons say "Connection reset by peer" in Tracker Status column.

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It's a problem with SSL. I noticed that I can't download from sites using SSL either.

And no, this is the first time I've used any uTorrent version on this computer.

I have set every value in the preferences to something somewhat high, like 1000. Torrents should not be getting queued, but they are.

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