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No incoming connections!


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I recently was using a wireless linksys card to connect to my neighbors cable internet (with his permission of course) Utorrent was working fine great dl speeds. I opened an earthlink account and they sent me a zyxel p-660R-D1 modem. Everything is installed and fine the internet is working. When I try to download it says no incoming connections. It downloads but at a very slow speed. I followed the open port steps but when I reach my modem page on the internet it doesnt look anything like what they have on www.portforward.com. I am not able to change anything on the page that shows up when i type in the ip address. Then I tried to disable the windows firewall even though i didnt think it was that because it was working yesterday and I had the same firewall up and running. That didnt work either. Any ideas? Any help will be appreciated. Oh and I went to the shields up port probe site and it says 55555 is closed. Thanx.

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