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dl/ul dropped to zero


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I'm having a wired problem with my upload/download speeds.

I have 1.5 Mbps dl and 256 Kbps ul connection. I was getting acceptable upload and download speeds. My uTorrent was up and running for 3 days non-stop. Everything was fine until I've decided to unplug a network cable from my network card to run some software offline (I've closed uTorrent when PC was offline). When I've reconnected the cable uTorrent stopped downloading and uploading. I've got the same IP address from the router. No firewall rule was changed. But upload speed ticks to 0.2-1.1 and then drops to zero. The port is properly forwarded and when I look at peers I see "I" flag, but that is it, no one is uploading even though I'm seeding the file. I've tried rebooting the PC and router and recreating router FW rule for uTorrent - nothing helps.

I understand if it would take a while before I download at full speed again, but shouldn't uploading be immediate?

Any help is appreciated...

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Maybe your ISP turned (more?) hostile towards your connection after you ran uTorrent for 3 days straight?

During those 3 days, did you have reasonable limits for your connection?

Such as fewer than 100 global connections, (really, 50 is plenty if you've only got 1.5 megabit/second down) net.max_halfopen no higher than 8, and upload speed max no higher than 28 KiloBYTES/second.

DHT generates lots of UDP packets to "random" ips, so did you have that enabled?

LPD does local multicast/broadcast attempts.

Have you tried encryption settings in uTorrent?

GOOGLE searches may turn up BitTorrent problems with your ISP, so run a couple to see if someone else found a workaround.

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Only today I've changed torrent settings according to the guide in your signature. Before that those settings were way off the mark (like 700 connections, etc.), but nevertheless I was able to download and seed with acceptable results. Now the thing is simply not working. I'll try to google my ISP to find a workaround.

I experienced something similar before, only not with torrents but with general downloading. After I downloaded some big files off rapidhshare with speeds close to 180kBps, my downloads started to crawl at 5-20 kBps for some time. If the ISP chokes me after I reach some invisible threshold (of course there's nothing about it in the contract), it'd be tough to overcome it. But thanks for help :)

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