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Hi i have a Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR EPC2434

The trouble im am having is when i switch to this wireless Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR EPC2434 my uploads fell dramatically my downloads are no problem even uploading are somethimes ok but when fully download they virtually stop. I have both uploads and downloads set to 0 (unlimited). I have a 30mb connection but when it comes to seeding its a no no. I went onto my router to configure it using the following address


I don't know does it make much difference if its for a different Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR modem.

When i put in the address as in the stated in the address above i get an error message

The page at (http://19*.***.*.*.) says:

conflict between '1' and '2', please modify either one!!

If anyone can be of help i would appreciated it or if you need any more information to be provided.


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What is your tested upload speed? .. Divide that by 10 to set the upload number in uT. Change to the Speed tab, switch to upload only. In a large swarm, are you uploading at or near the number? If it's near, lower the upload by 10% and repeat.

It sounds like the page is referring to the rules you defined ... If you Start > Run > cmd /k ipconfig does IP Address match the 192.168.x.x number you see??

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