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Seperating Torrents


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There should be selectable filters to show certain torrents, as when a torrent finishes i don't wish to just delete it incase it needs to be re-seeded so i leave them there, but after a while you end up with so many in your list, there should be an option to filter out finished downloads from the main window for when you don't need to see them, but you can turn it off to get them back.

Sometimes you may only wish to see which torrents you have seeding currently, and what speeds they are doing, other times you want to only see what your downloading so a filter would be quite usefull to make it a bit tidier and easier to use.

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This double sort feature is nice, but it still does not address the fact that if you have several torrents, it would be nice to be able to show torrents matching the following criteria:

Combo: [All|Downloading|Seeding|Finished|...]

Combo: [All|UnCategorized|Label1|Label2|...]

This way you can see only the subset of torrents that may be more manageable to those of us who would like to keep various torrents 'alive' even when finished downloading.

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