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Port blocked, but sometimes getting max download speeds


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I'm having an odd problem. When I check whether the uTorrent port is open or not, the website says it's closed. The icon at the bottom of the uTorrent screen is yellow right now, but it turns green and red depending on the download speed, it seems.

I've opened the port specifically (as in, made exceptions) in my modem and router. I've tried three different ports (also made exceptions for those, of course). Also, sometimes I get the full 200 KBps download speed of my connection in uTorrent. Most of the time however I'm getting very low speeds, usually around 20-40 KBps.

I don't get it. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Some specs:

- Windows XP SP2

- Sitecom DC-202v5 router

- uTorrent version 1.8.1



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Firewalled just prevents you from downloading/uploading with other firewalled seeds/peers, it shouldn't slow down your speeds with unfirewalled seeds/peers. But since over 50% is typically firewalled, you'll still normally see a speed loss. (Less speed loss on really busy torrents with LOTS of seeds and peers.)

Many antivirus and antispyware software now contains software firewalls as well that WILL block uTorrent unless told otherwise. (Some are so poorly written they have to be completely disabled or uninstalled!)

Modems may also act as mini-routers or hardware firewalls unless configured otherwise. :(

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Thanks for the reply. I was starting to wonder if perhaps the forum is a little deserted. :P

But I shut off my antivirus, opened the port in every possible place in both my router and modem (even in places where it doesn't make sense at all), but it still says "port blocked".

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