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Cycling display


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Hi, Folks

My first posting.

I touched the keyboard yesterday, and suddenly the torrent display went on the move, continually changing the order of torrents.

I looked for some way to change the display order, and could find no way within the menu, or options.

So I "googled" the prob, and then looked for the solution on this forum. Nothing found. That's not to say it isn't on here somewhere.

I then wondered if the prog. had developed a glitch and pondered how to reinstall without having to do all the work.

Then I found a clue on the site centred ( English version....sorry ! ) around the phrase "sort by" and looked it up in the help file.

Straightaway.....problem solved; Utorrent was sorting via UPSPEED which is of course, dynamic.

Sort by is a hotkey command, hence the sudden glitch via the keyboard touch.

If I had gone down the route of reinstalling the prog, the "problem" would have mysteriously disappeared.

Any thoughts on barring dynamic columns from becoming the sort order ?

Any thoughts on putting sort by in the menu, or options ?

'Course.....now I know the prob.....it ain't a mystery any more....but perhaps other folks have had the same experience.



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