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UI Issues for Keyboarders


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Yes, these are probably minor points for most Mac users, but I like to have consistent keyboard access when I want it. :)

Issue 1: "ghost" tab targets for rates and ratio. while using tab to cycle through interface elements, the next thing after "show/hide sidebar" is the download rate menu. the first time you hit tab, it is active and responds to space, up, and down, but is not highlighted; the second time you hit tab, it is highlighted, but completely unresponsive. this repeats for upload rate and ratio, except in reverse order for ratio.

Issue 2: inconsistent up/down arrow support in torrent list. have a bunch of torrents in queue, make sure no torrents are selected (click in empty space/command-click torrents until they're all unhighlighted), click on/shift-tab to the sidebar, tab back to the queue, and hit up or down arrow. down will focus the second torrent in the list; up won't do anything. down behavior reminds me vaguely of the (seriously annoying) way Windows listviews work, with the "outline" focus, where if you alt-tab into an explorer window with nothing opened and hit down, it moves the focus down from default (first) and selects the result (second). up is just broken, and in any case, both are bugs from a Mac point of view. Check out the Finder--down should focus the first element, up the last.

Now that I'm done whining, kudos on an otherwise great keyboard interface--most Mac apps aren't nearly this easy to tab around.

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