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Clueless N00b questions


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So I just stumbled upon rar. and torrent files the other day and I really have NO idea how to use them. I've been looking online at others posts and just decided to ask my own questions.

How do you unrar files in a utorrent? It states the file format is incorrect or something.

And can you download things without having peers and if not how do I get peers?

Really I have no idea what I'm doing and if you could provide any answers that would be great.

Thanks [=

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RAR files are archives and are openable with a file archiver (winzip, rar, 7zip etc...). Can be protected by a pwd.

Anyway it's not the support of uTorrent, try Google for more info.

If your torrent has no more seeds, you will stay blocked and you cannot finish it.

Anyway you can wait, some seeders can connect and seed again.

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