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Weird goings on !


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I have been using utorrent for about 2 years now. For the last 6 days its being acting very strange and i have some ideas but was wondering what others thought too.

First off i got red arrows on all my downloads and seeds for my uploads, cannot connect to any peers and no downloads during the day. Connection closed by peer at Piratebay , i got the yellow triangle then it turned red and could not forward to my port. I had not changed any settings.

It seems that at 11.30 pm every night my downloads start , i get good speeds most of the time but they are a little erratic. They are usually complete by the time i get up in the morning.

Also the torrents i had tried to start earlier in the day are still red arrows but the onces i start after 11.30 directly from piratebay are blue.

Getting the green signal and the yellow, both saying port is not forwarded but i do have everything in order.

Done virus checks too, no firewall on. Double checked my port is forwarded.

I live in the Cayman Islands.

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OK i tried the Openoffice and it too would not start until 11.30pm. I learnt today too that when Limewire was all the rage a few years ago alot of people could not download during the day , just in the evening. Looks like they doing the same now with torrents, is there away around this ??

Could they (ISP) also affect the way utorrent is not port forwarding too ?

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