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Here is one thing I noticed. With this new beta some of the ETAs on queued torrents say like 2s or are just blank instead of being infinity.

Also, just a little request, can you please add an Edit button for RSS Feeds. So I dont have to delete and add if I want to make a simple change. Thnx.

And another thing, whenever a show is added to favorites, make it add the Episode Number automaticaly into the little box. Don't make it checked, just as a backup in case you want to use that option. I think that would be useful.

Oh and one more. The system you have for picking which quality to get the show in is just genius. Props man. Do you think you can do that for Feeds as well.

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Heh sorry for this, just trying to help, but last one: For the Episode Number. When a number is entered, lets say 5x02, it means the next episode to get, right? Well #1, that number should change to 5x03 after 5x02 is started to download (or it would be godly if you can change it once the program knows it downloaded it). And #2, It should be current and anything after, or at least add an option for this. For example in my Releases I have a show with episodes 5x01 5x02 5x03 5x04. If in the Favorites under the Episode Number I enter 5x02, it only downloads 5x02, and the rest dont go. I know this is not a big deal for well organized feeds that only show latest releases because you can not check which episode and it will work fine, but some also contain re release old episodes and bonus stuff, so that would get confusing. Furthermore having all of these in the History isnt realy practical if you download a lot of things. k thnx, think about it please.

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No man, some feeds have multiple releases, I want to be able to get episodes from a certain episode and on. I need to have the episode number enabled. Dude, tbh, I coded my own rss in vb.net but its like 90% done, I gave up when I heard you were implementing one in your thing. Mine could not compare to yours, utorrents' code owns. So I'm just saying, I've thought about these issues for a long time. Plus, every single tv rss thing ive used has this.

Oh, waht they dont have, is the episode support for shows that are not seasonXepisode but have the date of the release. That could be nice.

This is one thing from the tv rss plug in for azureus and its quite genious. I know that it takes more resources to update the feeds from a website than from a local file. So depending on this, the refresh timer should be per-feed, and local feeds' timer should be around 5 minutes, and the rest could be 15 minutes or w/e. Or like figure out the connection speed between the server and the computer and set the refresh timer based on that. Primarily, this will just get the shows to the people 10 minutes faster, plus, and I've noticed this on TVTAD, the resource heavily spike during each refresh, because it has to get the feed data for all of them nearly at the same time and then decode them etc. So varying the get times could keep the resources use at any given time to a minimum.

Filter Mathes origional name......... -should somehow show the origional filename.. tooltip or something.

What is smart ep. filter technilogicaly speaking? Is it just the history thing that will not download the exactly same named torrent, or is more involved?

Save in, could that be not empty, but show the default torrent save dir.

Some filters require a * at the end of them to work.

And I think this is the biggest one, you need to have a global filter setting. Primarily to not download AC3 releases. The way the azureus plug in one does is it has the global and the normal in the same window but the global has a filter of *, and every time a filter executes it removes the torrents that match it. #1, it stpots from the same torrent being downloaded twice (but in a different way), and you can make any filter global by making it the top item in the list.

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