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unable to open a port plz help!!!!!!!!!!!


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ha ha ha the age old problem!

well i am having some issues i just cant seem to open a port

i followed every guide on the internet i could find

nothing is working

but here is the kicker im averaging 250kbs download

so i guess my first question is how do i open a port(or is it necessary)??

my hardware includes zyxel eq660-r modem and a linksys wrt54gs w/one wired PC and two wireless

im using vista on my PC no anti virus or software firewall installed just windows firewall

i set up a static ip on all my computers

2nd questions is if i open a port will my speed increase??

edit* my linkys router(v5) has the latest firmware

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"Special note for users with Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS routers, there are severe problems with them when running any P2P app (read for fix)

The following note does NOT apply to WRT54G/GS v5 and up! Use the latest official firmware (1.00.9+) with those, they do not suffer from this specific problem (though they do suffer from different problems)."

thank you but i have !read! over the guide in the faq and portforwarding.com my router is version 5 so that specific problem doesn't apply to me

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