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Help please...


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I knooow all you smart people around here probably hate when a noob like myself asks for help, buut unfortunatly i just cant find the answer anywhere else.

So i've been using utorrent for about 5 months to a year, and i have had fantastic speeds all the time. I'm talkin up to 200+ kb/s

I havnt used it for a while, because i have nothing i need to download haha, but today i decided i wanted to download eagle eye, which was number one most popular on the pirate bay, so tons of seeds right. I click save, then open with utorrent, then theres a yellow light...ok so i let it be for a lil...still a yellow light...

So i look up the steps for port forwarding and get to the step were u have to enter the static ip adress in the url box...but it never works. so i give up with that and put everything back to normal. I get a green light! but the dl speed is only 10 whereas when i had the yellow light the dl speed had an average of 20 kb/s...now its back at a yellow light. ughh

What the heck is going on?

how can i have no problems one day, to not even connecting the next?

please help me figure this out :)


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