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Outstandingly slow up/download speeds?


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Hey guys,

I did a speed test at dslreports.com and came back with this:


Sometimes when I speed-test, the numbers come back at double those though.

Trouble is, when downloading it seems to max out at 70kbps, and uploads rarely get above 60kbps. I set my upload speed in the speed guide to 540kbps, and still nothing.

When I download things off of my FTP server, I routinely hit 1.22 megabytes/second, and uploading is in the 3 to 400kbps range.

I followed the setup guides, but nothing seems to have really worked.

Anyone have any other tips?

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Even if I am confusing them...

5647Kilobits/second is ~700 kilobytes/second.

So I'm running at FAR less than that.

Our internet service does seem to fluctuate from speedtest to speed test, but I can download from FTP at 10Megabits/second all day long. I upload to my FTP at 300-400 kilobytes/second as well.

I should be downloading at MUCH faster rates, right?

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That is 60 kilobytes per second.

I have tried every upload speed option, and none have done anything to speed up or slow down transfers.

edit: I haven't seen more than 40 kilobytes/second for the past 24 hours. This download has been going on for 46 hours now with an ETA of 2 more days. Something can't be right about this.

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