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uTorrent leaks UDP packets!


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Not sure if it is a setting or a bug but uTorrent causes a lot of traffic noise from UDP replies.

uTorrent shows upload/download bytes when there is no active torrents.

It is a constant .5kbs-1.0kbs of data going in and out with no active torrents at all.

It is not much data but it is annoying and this is causing echo storms to my ISP DNS servers.

I do not want my ISP to see this useless flood of UDP packets going out is there a setting that stops this leaks

or do I have to kill the uTorrent app from running completely?

The moment i start uTorrent with no active torrents loaded it starts to broadcast UDP packets.

This app acts like a game server with all this useless UDP traffic.

Why does uTorrent use a protocol that useless and unreliable in the first place?

Another issue from this was found when I ran a sniffer on the uTorrent process aka utorrent.exe

Isolating the process and capturing all the packets coming in and out with no active torrents loaded

reveal all the UDP traffic to my ISP DNS servers and other users on the net possibly from old trackers

when I had a torrent loaded.

The constant broadcast of UDP packets causes my WinXP sp3 box to spawn svchost.exe processes also

which is normal for net traffic but over a period of time this entire process chews at the system memory.

I had to turn off logging in uTorrent because it was causing a memory leak also due to the constant traffic.

I like your client and hope this is just a setting or a workaround besides filtering all UDP outbound traffic.

Thank you for your time!

uTorrent version:1.8.1 b12639

WinXP sp3 running NOD32 AV + Outpost Pro Firewall with Windows Firewall disabled.

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DHT both kinds...and maybe Local Peer Discovery too.

And while you're at it, disable Resolve IPs.

And make sure net.max_halfopen isn't above 8.

And while you're at it, set outgoing encryption to Enabled (if it's not already)...since BellSouth ADSL ISP may not be playing completely fair with your traffic. (I'm not sure for certain about that ISP yet)

But even if they're harmless, you connect to lots of peers/seeds that will only stay connected if you're encrypted...because their ISPs suck.

And reduce your other settings as well, using the 2nd link in my signature matched to your max upload speed.

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First of all thanks for your reply..

I have read that guide first and have already set my client according to the list as not to waste anyone's precious time

covering the basics..

Thanks for the guide it was very handi!

Your first statement might be the problem I don't know how I overlook that..

DHT or most likely Local Peer sounds like the issue it would make sense that the client would broadcast udp for discovery reasons.

Would this in anyway flood the trackers if thousands of clients broadcast these UDP packets or is this a peer 2 peer issue directly?

On the issue of encryption I had that enabled already with the legacy check too as the guide suggested..

Yes you are correct Bellsouth now ATT does suck, but they don't seem to filtered the torrent traffic at least not down here

in the deep south.

Bellsouth is another phone company that shouldn't have got involved with the internet business, but when you have crappy Comcast as the alternative

what else can you do.

I have ran the Glasnost test and it says everything is fine, but that doesn't mean they are not filtering traffic.

I downloaded the OpenOffice torrent and had 500kbs most of the time so that's ok.

Members here need to be aware that the ISP do stateful packet inspections of known trojan ports and when configuring utorrent it might be best to stay off

one of these ports.

They also do stateful inspections on some service ports like:

Port 1900 SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) Pre Windows XP SP2.

Port 2869 SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) Windows XP SP2 or greater.

Port 5000 MS Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

Port 3389 Remote Desktop Protocol aka Terminal Server

Port 4899 Radmin aka Remote Admin Tool

Port 6129 Dameware


Just wanted to close my issue thanks for your help.

The problem was the option "Enable DHT Network"

It was constantly updating the nodes and my client was pinging out as a result.

The moment I disabled it the traffic stop completely.

Thanks again!

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