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Download and toorent gone


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I am using utorrent 1.4 (love the program btw)

When i search for a torrent and i choose for open it starts to download in Utorrent.

Till now now problems.

But when i exit Utorrent and start it up again, the torrents i am downloading are gone.

This happend me twice now even with some programs that where 1.9 gb.

I have to download the torrent again and it start to download from the begining.

When is leave the computer on till it is completely finisched there is no problem but if i exit before its finished the download is gone :(

Is there someting i did wrong in the settings???

Could not find anything in the forum or the faq

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huh, quite an unusual thing...

try deleting the .dat files that are stored in %appdata%\utorrent, and try configuring utorrent again, perhaps somethen went wrong in the initial configuration.

u could also try to save all your .torrent files to a folder and make utorrent load automatically the torrent files in that folder from "preferences>other options"

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