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Help Please :S ?

Evo IV

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Hi guys, im a newbie to all this kind of stuff, but i know the basics. When i first began i was getting OK speeds (for me) of around 40-50kB/s and the connection sign was always green. But lately everything has gone sucky my speeds are now around 6-15kB/s and the connection is always a red circle and sometimes the yellow triangle.

Im on a laptop running Windows Vista premium and i have a linksys router which is around 10-15ft away from me in another room. I also have disabled windows firewall which doesn't seem to make a difference and i have nothing else running. I have tested my connection and download speed and my max download speed is 56kB/s and my max upload is 41kB/s. I have looked and tried everything but nothing works. Can anyone help please? : /

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