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Download speeds dropping suddenly!


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hey guys, i have been using utorrent for a couple of months now with no problems. all of a sudden, i dont know why, when using it... the things i am downloading will work fine at first. the speeds will jump up to anywhere from 400kb/s to 700kb/s... all of a sudden, they all will DROP to .1 kb/s and remain there. Never had this problem before. I have to completely restart windows to fix it, then it eventually does it again. Can anyone PLEASE help me!! This is very frustrating!

also another thing i noticed is that when the downloads stop, under status where a torrent says CHECKED xx%, that stops as well, but runs when things are downloading. is it utorrent itself perhaps?

and the LAST thing is that when i try to exit utorrent, the icon goes away, but in the task manager it stays there, and even when i try to end it, it will NOT go away.

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