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help!!! good upload bad download


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hi every1...

this is my first message.... hope you guys will help me out.

i have 256Kb/s speed (that is what my isp says). my download speed always stays in the average of 10KB/s mostly below, but upload is too good, i have limited my upload to 20KB/s and it stays exactly there. when i use other download software like orbit, limewire etc download speed stays in the average of 27KB/s.

below i have given my utorrent settings:-

port - 45629

append .!ut to incomplete files (unchecked)

pre-allocate all files (checked)

prevent standby if there are active torrents (checked)

enable UPnp port mapping (unchecked)

randomize port each start (unchecked)

enable NAT-PMP port mapping (checked)

windows firewall exception (unchecked, firewall turned off)

global maximum upload rate - 20KB/s

maxmum download rate - 30

maximum number of connection - 130

maximum number ofconnected peers per torrent - 30

number of upload slots per torrent - 4

use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% (checked)

enable DHT network (checked)

ask tracker for scrape information (checked)

enable DHT for new torrents (checked)

enable peer exchange (checked)

enable local peer discovery (checked)

limit local peer bandwidth (unchecked)

protocol encryption (enabled)

allow incoming legacy connection (checked)

net.max_halfopen is 50

hope this will do.........

eagerly waiting for any reply........... tanks in advance

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Try these settings changes:

Disable NAT-PMP port mapping

Maximum download rate = 0 (no limit) ...this is for testing purposes, later lower it back to ~40.

Global maximum number of connections = 50

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = 30

Number of upload slots per torrent = 3

Disable DHT network

Disable DHT for new torrents

Disable local peer discovery

Set outgoing protocol encryption to FORCED

Try incoming legacy connection both enabled first then disabled. (Run about 1 hour with each setting, restarting uTorrent between each test.)

(Queueing) Max active torrents = 2

(Queueing) Max downloading torrents = 2

(Advanced) net.max_halfopen = 5

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now my download stays in the average of 25kB/s (though sometimes it goes down to 15kB/s and stays there for sometime) so i guess it is working properly.

but i don't understand why enabling DHT,port mappong and local peer is not good, can you kindly explain....... moreover if it is of no use than why give it in the options??

anyway.... tanks again, i m realy glad that my download speed is working properly....

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DHT is good if/when the trackers all go offline...but doesn't work with private torrents/trackers.

DHT seeks to find more peers/seeds to connect with. ...But if you're on torrents that already have 20+ peers/seeds to connect to, the gain is marginal at best.

Local Peer Discovery tries to find peers/seeds on the same portion of your ISP as you are...and tells uTorrent to download/upload to them at unlimited speeds, unless told otherwise. Most ADSL and cable ISPs do NOT give extra speeds to these local connections, and so attempting to exceed normal upload limits to them...will just cause overloads.

DHT and Local Peer Discovery (to a much smaller degree) uses additional bandwidth to function. You don't have a lot to spare...so it's probably better to "spend" what you have downloading and uploading the torrent files. Worse, some ISPs may be detecting BitTorrent traffic by these special features being active.

You might want to disable Resolve IPs as well (Peers window of an active torrent, right-click to get the menu). It too uses some bandwidth...but in its case, it does NOTHING to potentially improve your download or upload speeds!

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tanks for the info, that clears lots of doubts.....:)

now i am having another problem, i am not able to surf the net while running utorrent. (not even google). i can understand that page will load slowly if all the bandwidth is consumed by utorrent but in my case page wont load at all, and besides i don't think utorrent uses all the bandwidth as its download usually stays in the range of 20kB to 25kB, and i have bandwidth of approx. 30 kB. moreover i can easily surf with good speed while using other download software.

i have tried all the settings given in your troubleshooting page, even patch TCPIP.sys, but of no use (i have winxp sp3 home edition)

plz help.......

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yes i did that, i have disabled resolve IPs and net.max_halfopen as instructed before.

And I forgot to tell you that my thick box is always red or orange, sometimes it becomes green too... mostly it keeps on changing after long interval. But my download is basically same in all modes that is red, green or orange.

Wonder if it has anything to do with my not being able to surf.... or should i try to make my check box always green....

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Ok, try lowering these:

Maximum download rate = 30 KB/sec

Global maximum number of connections = 30

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = 20

If that doesn't help, I fear it's something wrong with your computer or network because the settings are pretty conservative.

Get HijackThis, Process Explorer, and TCP View (3rd party program from same company that makes Process Explorer) as mentioned in the very bottom of 1st link in my signature. These are excellent diagnostic tools for discovering problems...when used in conjunction with GOOGLE searches on what they find/show.

Maybe TCP View can show what's also connecting to the internet and stuffing up the connection?

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tanks..... changing the settings seems to be working now page is loading but it still takes lot of time to load....

Can you refer a freeware software that monitor bandwidth, it's usage and options to allocate bandwidth to desired application.

As you suggested i tried tcpview it is good but it doesn't show the usage of bandwidth by application. and there is no options to change the bandwidth allocation....

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