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trouble sho0ting


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dear sir,

i have problem as follows:

Disk read error......Please Help

Posted: DEc 18, 2008 4:95 PM Reply

Everytime i try to download a torrent, about 5 minutes into it i get this message,

"Error: Disk read error - Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service"

in logger message,

'[2008-12-18 15:25:44] IO Error:1450 line:459 align:512 pos:889341440 count:2097664 actual:-99'

I have the latest version of utorrant and Java, sooooo i really have no clue. Im really not computer savvy in the least bit, so i would really appreciate some help with this. (As of late, alot of things with my computer have been going away, some examples being, there)

Some basic computer specifications:

Windows XP Home Edition, Servic Pack 3

Pentium D

3.0 GHz, 1GB RAM

Thanks and please help me to solve this problem.

my email:rk2006banfin@yahoo.com

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