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10 Mbit connection with 600kb UL's and slow DL's


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Ok so as the title says i have a 10Mbit cable connection. And until recently i had fair download speeds and ok upload speeds. But now i am uploading to whatever i set my max to. According to speedtest i have run i have an average of 6-8 Mbit upload speed so adjusted the speed acording to that. My max up is set to 610kb's. And at the same time my max dl is set to 0(unlimited) but i can only get a max of 60kib/s total download.

Im even downloading the "test file" slackware-10.2-iso and it get to a max of 15-20kbit/s with only a total of 3 dl's going at the same time.

So for the tec's

I have:

uTorrent 1.8.1

and settings are


port - 22507

append .!ut to incomplete files (unchecked)

pre-allocate all files (checked)

prevent standby if there are active torrents (checked)


enable UPnp port mapping (unchecked)

randomize port each start (unchecked)

enable NAT-PMP port mapping (unchecked)

windows firewall exception (checked, and firewall turned off)


global maximum upload rate - 610kbits

maximum download rate - 0

maximum number of connection - 50

maximum number of connected peers per torrent - 30

number of upload slots per torrent - 3

use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% (checked)


enable DHT network (unchecked)

ask tracker for scrape information (checked)

enable DHT for new torrents (unchecked)

enable peer exchange (unchecked)

enable local peer discovery (unchecked)

limit local peer bandwidth (unchecked)

protocol encryption (forced)tried all

allow incoming legacy connection (checked)


net.max_halfopen is 5

All of these changes have been made post slow speeds and still have not helped.

Any help appreciated.

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Come on ppl these speeds are killing me, i just dropped my upload max to 100kbits. And all im downloading is at a max of maybe 70kbits over 4 files. I used to be able to get 100-500kbit/s. Let's help this man download and share.If i set my upload max to like 1000 i can easily get uplaods at that speed 800-900+kbit/s. My room mate sometimes mess's with my router to try and fix his utorrent could this have been a problem. I mean i used to get 200-500kbit/s downloads, Whats wrong.

My little red icon is popping up that says not connected, but its always been like that or yellow. here is a current picture.



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set your upload speed lower its that simple.

your giving all of your bandwidth away in upload and your wondering why you cant download fast ha.

And if you uploaded enough on the torrents you completed you can stop them your just wasting your bandwidth.

options>preferences>bandwidth>global upload rate limiting set it to a decent rate don't leave it at 0=(unlimited which will take it to its max) set it 60-80.

If I had you on the gta iv torrent id be done by now.

The above should help.

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I have had it at lower settings before and nothing changes, i dont have a bandwidth problem. If i had gta 4 that would be no prob, ive seen today a few single peers hit 400kB/s. Bet that person was happy i had my rate set so high. Just change my max upload to 80kB/s, lets watch and see what dont change. If someone would post a file that they are having good download speeds with and let me test would be great.

p.s. If everyone has there global upload rate set so low, no wonder how come i cant download fast. I think it should be set higher, I dont think for a 10mbit connection my bandwidth will be slowed by a few 100kB/s. Just my option.


After several minutes (15-20) at a slower upload max i have realised that this is a load of crap and didnt change anything. Im back 600 which is what i feel is good for my speed. I did change Eable DHT Network to {checked} and this instantly gave me a green checkmark "Your connection is ok". My connection is still slow as crap, but now that i have 9 torrents going at once i have a total dL speed of 150kB/s. But on about 20kB/s per torrent. I live in an apartment complex with a buisness connection, so i dont think it would be possible for me to overload our bandwidth.

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Ok so i believe that to be my problem, I can download from a single peer/seed at almost 50kB/s which is alright, but if i got lucky and dled from many seed/peers all at that speed i wouldhave a good overall speed. Plus since i dont have any ports forwarded this could be hurtful as well.

Side note:

How could i access my apt's router. i know we have cable internet but all we have in each room are ethernet jacks. Is there anyway i can access that router, with out knowing what kind it is or where it is. I would like to see the potential of this 10mb/s help out the torrent community.

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If UPnP and/or NAT-PMP doesn't automatically forward your router, there's not much you can do about being firewalled.

Teredo/IPv6 (and uTP) may be able to bypass a router's firewall...but very few peers or seeds use that!

It is unlikely that a cable modem has more than 1-5 megabit/second TOTAL upload bandwidth. DOCSIS v1.1 only has ~9 megabit/second TOTAL per channel, and shared between many customers.

Even DOCSIS v2 and v3 both have only ~27 megabit/second TOTAL per channel, and shared between many customers.

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